Areas of expertise

Accounting and bookkeeping

• Keeping and supervising accounts
• Annual accounts
• Tax retums
• Consolidation

Social matters

• Payrolls
• Payroll tax reports
• Employment contracts
• Miscellaneous formalities
• Assistance on the occasion of URSSAF control

Tax law

• research and consulting with respect to any tax-related problems
• assistance on the occasion of tax control


• Valuation of businesses
• Valuation of securities
• Audit Assignment

Legal and tax matters

• Corporate Iaw performance of any transactions (organization, assignment of shares or stocks, merger, change of legal status, etc.)
• legal secretariat and formalities


• Management: budgets, business indicators, etc.
• Organization: administrative and accounting procedures


• Legal audits (Corporate Auditing)
• Certification of the accounts
• Financial Audit and Management
• Special missions (capital changes, mergers, etc.)