Human ressources and technology

Our team

• Certified Public Accountants, Statutory Auditors
• Accounting and Legal Coordinator
• Group Leaders
• Employees
• Secretaries
External partners chosen for their professionalism in certain specialities
• Sister firms (in France and abroad)
• Lawyers
• Insurers
• Computer specialists
• Webmaster
• Wealth Manager

Continuing education

Shools of Business Administration,diplomas awarded by the British and Spanish Chambers of Commerce.

The entire staff regularly attends training sessions in all technical fields at specialized institutes, and meetings are organized with CPA interns and the employees. In addition, the Firm has its own library of abudant tecnhical documentation in tax and payroll tax matters.

The Partners

Cabinet MESSIN has developed special relations with certain sister firms, as well as tax, EDP, business law, etc. specialists, all selected for their professionalism.

Our American partner :
2207 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Technological resources

• recent technology,
• Software CEGID - CCMX for:
- account keeping
- preparation of annual accounts and tax reports
- payroll
- management of fixed assets, depreciation and amortization
- consolidation of accounts
• Software Audisoft - Files corporate Auditing
• Software IR-ISF
• Office softwares


• English
• Spanish
• German