Monceau district and its park

Le parc Monceau - Paris The village of Monceau or Monceaux, or still Mousseaux already existed under the carolingians.

In the middle ages the land was utilized mostly by winemakers and was then farmed for vegetable crops.

Monceau history overlaps with that of its castle, which is mentioned as early as 1300, and whose disappearance occured under the Second Empire. Parc Monceau depended on the seigneurie de Clichy.

In 1778 Phillipe d’Orléans planted trees in the Monceau area. In the second half of the 19th century beautiful haussmannien style houses were erected and later became the homes of famous historical figures, such as playwrights, painters and composers.
At the entrance of the Park, the CERNUSHI Museum is devoted to the art of China and Japan. Located on Rue de Monceau, the Museum NISSIM DE CAMONDO, opened in 1936, retains the reconstruction of a House from the end of the 18th century.